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Thursday, February 11, 2016

One man's trash, is another father's play time.

I want to be a better father, spend more time with the kids. So the other day, I decided to pull myself out of my head, and funk, and spend time with my boys; on purpose.

I had a pile of old electronics (desk top PC, laptop PC, Android Tablet, DVD player, Nintendo DS, and other randomness) that was sitting around collecting dust. None of it worked anymore. So before we threw it away, I sat with my boys and let then tear it all apart.

We discussed what various components were. We discovered tablet batteries are soft and pliable, not like the hard batteries found in laptops. We also discovered, on accident, that they smell AWFUL when opened... I had to run out of the house with it. Oops.

The boys had fun, learned a few things about these magic devices we take for granted. I actually managed to sit with my children and engage them for more than 2 minutes. I learned my kids are pretty smart, and a lot of fun.

It was a successful night.

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