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Friday, February 23, 2018

I'm A Beaver

I'm A Beaver

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Hope you enjoyed the Smalley Personality Quiz! Your score report is presented below.  Your dominant personality is your highest score, but you will also notice how strong you are in the other three types.  Your unique personality style is a combination of each type.

Your Result

The Beaver
Strengths: Beavers have a strong need to do things right and “by the book.” In fact, they’re the kind of people who actually read instruction manuals. They’re great at providing quality control in an office and will thrive in any situations that demand accuracy, such as accounting, engineering, etc.
Because rules, consistency, and high standards are so important to beavers, they’re often frustrated with a mate who doesn’t share these same characteristics. Despite deep feelings for those they love, beavers must learn to communicate their softness and warmth in a way that’s felt and clearly understood by others.
Areas of Growth: Beavers need to accept that it’s all right to make mistakes and that it’s healthy to call for help when they’re struggling.

The Lion
Strengths: Lions are leaders. They’re usually the bosses at work, or think they are. They’re decisive, bottom-line folks who are not watchers or listeners. They love to solve problems. Unfortunately, if they don’t learn to tone down their aggressiveness, their natural dominating traits can cause problems for others.
Areas of Growth: Lions need to learn that meaningful communication takes time. They need to slow down to involve others in decisions.

Your score for each result type

015304560The BeaverThe LionThe OtterThe Golden Retriever50422717
The Beaver50
The Lion42
The Otter27
The Golden Retriever17

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