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Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Rapture Debate

In this great article, Sid Litke shows that The Rapture and The Second Coming must be different events. There is no other form scriptural stance.

He mentions the less popular view of a Mid Trib Rapture.

In light of a recent video teaching I watched, I'm exploring this as another possible interpretation. Nothing in this article, linked above, would negate a Mid Trib Rapture except the concept of imminence.

Believers are looking to the return of Jesus as the next event that could happen at any moment.

In the event of a Mid Trib Rapture, you can literally set the calendar for the exact day off Jesus' return. This fails the imminence test.

It requires further review and study, but my gut impression is to say anything other than a PreTrib Rapture fails sound scripture reading on the whole.

Still studying though.



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