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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Blindness comes in all varieties... it's not always, or even often, physical.

Are you blind? Are you sure?

A man born blind gets mud put into his eyes, washes it off as commanded, then he can see. 

Obedience to the Spoken Word of God.

A group of men who, with puffed up chests and haughty eyes, claim they are the ones who see most clearly are the least likely to see that which is plainly in front of their face. They call good evil and evil good. 

Obedience to the man-made traditions around the Written Word of God.

We must be careful with what we think we know. Hearing God speak today, now, present tense, to our life and our situation, is vastly more important than clinging to some theology or tradition that we think we know because we learned it ten years ago and haven't studied it since. 

The Spoken Word and Written Word should always agree with each other; however, they may not agree with your traditions as much as you thought.

What's one thing you hold so dearly that you get into Facebook arguments over it? 

I'd bet that is the home of your most dearly prized false tradition. Because if it was God, you wouldn't argue over it. You'd love people over it. 



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