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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conversation with Kory

Conversation with Kory:
  • How long you purchased the Domain name for matters to Google.
  • Quality AND Quantity AND Consistency Content
  • Consistency  
    • Wordpress platform is a good platform. 
    • Knock out articles, but schedule the articles to post over time.
  • Clean Code, up to date coding style
    • Tables are for Tables and Data
      • VS
    • Clean and separate DIV's, Headings, Paragraphs, Etc... 
      • HTML 5: Elements like 
  • Look for themes: Responsive to multiple Devices
    • iPad, iPhones, Computers, TV's, Etc...
  • Responsive: Content VS Style
    • See:
      • Content is focus no matter how you zoom in our out. 
      • No matter how wide or small it works
  • Commenting is good.
    • Just make sure that you add meaningful comments.
    • Cite other authors, but don't copy lots and lots of others content. 
  • Adding Content Media
    • Embedding Video's, And other things. 
  • Wordpress best to used when you start hosting a site.  
  • Buying a top level domain and hosting... 
  • With themes, consider what you want out of it before you use it. 
    • If it's primarily it's about content, don't need to be too flashy or distracting. 
      • VS
    • Business website that embodies your personality, maybe more flash. Unless people can sign on to your website like a bank. 
      • Interactive
        • Bank is signing on
        • Restaurant, click and play
    • Examples  


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