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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Word in my mouth IS my deliverance!

Holy Spirit has been dealing with me for a few weeks now about words, specifically for the last 24 hours. Words are the seed. Words are the controlling factor of life.

From Nancy Dufresne on the Ed Dufresne Ministries Facebook page:

Here's words of utterance from this mornings service with Pastor Nancy:

"The Word is enough! The Word is enough! The Word is enough!"

"To Faith, the Word is the voice of God."

"The Word in my mouth is my deliverance."

"The good fight of faith is a fight of words." referencing Proverbs 12:6

"Your victory is waiting for faith to be applied."

"Meditation puts you in the verse and the verse in you."

"The heart is only the storage place for Faith...and with the mouth it flows out!"

Ed Dufresne: "You've got to say it to move it...That's how God rolls!"

It is Words that will bring provision or keep it from coming. I keep going back, over and over, to the Word of the Lord given through Pastor Nancy Dufresne and Ed Dufresne several years ago.

"When your manner of speech changes from 
'I need it' 
'I got it' 
than the things you've been needing can come in to your life..."

I need to spend more time praying about the everyday words, thoughts, images, and imaginations that I permit in my life.

Darrell G. Wolfe


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