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     David had the people bring the Ark back to Israel on a cart. This was not the God prescribed plan of action. God had previously established that it must be carried by Levites and that they must carry it by the polls. In this case it was on a cart, which had previously carried who knows what unclean things. It was treated as a show piece and not as a holy sacred thing. The oxen stumbled and Uzza put his hand to stabilize it and died because of it.

     The raw power of God was released into this man and it killed him instantly. It was this same raw power of God that hit Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 and killed them. However it also the same power that was used in creation and the same power that raised Jesus from the Dead... 

     The Spirit of God hoovered over the waters in Genesis one... The Word (who is God, who is the Word)(John 1) said LIGHT BE! That single explosion is still expanding over 6000 years later violently. That same WORD said "MAN BE IN OUR IMAGE...&q…

A Call to Fellowship

EMIC Sunday Morning 01/01/2011

Heaven has released a call to fellowship. A call to fellowship with HIM. A call to fellowship with one another. Set aside time with HIM, that is NOT optional!

God is saying let me show you how much he wants you to have fellowship with HIM. Feeling that God doesn't want you around is from a sense of unworthiness which is always of the devil. God has MADE US HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! How then can we be unworthy? To call yourself an unworthy sinner is to call the blood of Jesus unworthy! It's blasphemy to see yourself as anything less than the very righteousness of God.

There is nothing you can do that could make God the Father love you more than he already does before you were even born! But there are things you can do to experience that love more and to increase your fellowship with him, as the prodigal son who came back so too you can return to that fellowship.

The more communion you have with HIM the sweeter your relationships are with others. If you hav…


Send me a picture to use as an object lesson.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it:
The Mission:I really don't want to be out here in cyberspace by myself. That's boring. I would like to try out a new concept to make this site more interactive. 
I would like for you to send me a picture of something, anything (CLEAN Rated G) and I'll try to make it into an object lesson of some kind. I think this could be a really fun and interactive way to build our community. 
Promote Yourself Too: I will post the photo, the lesson and YOUR contact information on the site, including any links you want to include to your website, blog, social media, or business. 

Send Pictures:
Post the pictures on my facebook page: Facebook.Com/DarrellGWolfeTweet them to me @DarrellWolfeEMail them to DarrellGWolfe@Gmail.ComPost Template, here is an example of a good way to post this: "Hey Darrell, here is one of my photos. I took this when I drove past this sign. It was too hilarious to pass up! You can use for your object lesson. @DarrellWo…

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